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Dr. Martin promotes and advocates for equitable educational opportunities for all students.  As an instructional leader and coach with proven expertise in school improvement, professional development, curriculum and instruction, and data analysis, she is dedicated to implementing best practices to achieve favorable performance results.  Dr. Martin believes that all students deserve to have access to highly qualified teachers who consistently meet their learning needs through a variety of instructional methods and techniques with focus and fidelity.  Her diverse coaching and mentoring methodologies encourage teachers to create change within their instructional practice to increase effectiveness and academic achievement performance.  Dr. Martin inspires teachers to use love as their shield, in order to foster relationships and develop a harmonious culture and climate in the classroom environment.  
Dr. Martin is a budding author and blogger!  She has written her first book, "Love Notes: A Guide To Developing A Compassionate Heart and Teaching Students For A Greater Purpose." It is an inspirational, spiritual, and uplifting book that inspires teachers to teach consciously with compassion and love that transcends the hearts and minds of students to reach their fullest potential.

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