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My name is Dr. Martin

Dr. Sonia Martin is an educator, motivational speaker, and author of the book, Love Notes: A Guide To Developing A Compassionate Heart and Teaching Students For A Greater Purpose and Teach Like A Boss Through A Spiritual Lens. Currently, Dr. Martin serves as an assistant principal at a middle school located in Eastern North Carolina. Dr. Martin has been in education for 24 years, in which she has served in various capacities at the school and district levels. Dr. Martin strongly believes in the power of education to build and expand students’ social, emotional and academic learning ability. Her mission is to lead, serve, and inspire school leaders, teachers, and students to become the best version of themselves. 

Dr. Martin consistently promotes and advocates for equitable educational opportunities for all students. She is dedicated to building teacher expertise through collective teacher efficacy and individual support to improve learning. Dr. Martin is a champion for implementing the best educational practices to Schedule her to be a keynote speaker at your next faculty/staff meeting, book club or conference event.

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