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Dr. Martin is an influential leader who seeks every opportunity to empower and uplift educators to reach their greatest potential. She is motivated by her purpose to serve and inspire others to contribute to something greater than themselves through coaching, professional development and short talks with staff members. Dr. Martin delivers timely messages of hope. She leads educators on a journey to self-reflect on their passion and motivations to rediscover their "Why?" Dr. Martin encourages teachers to achieve their purpose with relentless pursuit and fierce resolve in their hearts. She believes in the power of collective human connections and relationships to help move others into their next level of transformation.

Need a reboot? Book your next staff meeting with Dr. Martin. You are guaranteed to walk away with tools to  walkout your purpose in life.  



Dr. Martin is the author of Love Notes: A Guide to Developing a Compassionate Heart and Teaching Students for a Greater Purpose. 


Praises for Love Notes!

"Dr. Martin's book is a must read for all educators and administrators"      -Lisa Thompson

"I couldn't put the book down. It has truly changed my relationships with my students for the better"

-Bonnie Chance

"I'm halfway through your book. It's phenomenal. I'm not in the classroom yet."

-Samantha Wright

"I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. Thank you for teaching me so much! You are a master at your craft."

-Heather Shannon



Dr. Martin promotes and advocates for equitable educational opportunities for all students. She is dedicated to building teacher expertise through collective teacher efficacy and individual support to improve learning. Dr. Martin is an elementary assistant principal and champion for implementing the best educational practices to bolster school improvement.

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