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My Philosophy


Teach to Reach 

  •  All children can learn, if and when learning is facilitated with the right combination of researched based instructional practices and resources.

  • Students should be immersed in the academic language and literacy of each discipline to gain the conceptual knowledge needed to demonstrate and communicate what they have learned successfully.

  • Lessons should engage students in the process of learning and cultivate their curiosity (interests) and evoke a love for learning, while developing a growth mindset.   

  • Students should be given ample opportunities to process learning through multiple learning modalities and preferences.

  • Learning should be assessed systematically to inform instructional planning and track student performance growth overtime.  

  • Students' cultural differences should be reflected within the learning culture and given opportunities to develop a global awareness of the world around them.

  • Students should be provided effective tools to self-monitor their behavior, along with opportunities to develop their character, systematically.

  • Teachers should be given access to meaningful professional development opportunities to improve effectiveness and remain effective as practitioners. 

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