Teaching Theme Made Simple!

Review Theme With Ease!

Here is a quick connected lesson to help you foster students’ understanding of theme. As you know, theme is the overall message of the story or big idea the author wants to convey to the reader. It is sometimes referred to as the lesson or the moral of the story. To ensure that students are getting the gist of the theme, students respond or process information more adequately when a skill or concept is scaffold through connected lessons.

When I started thinking about how to review theme, I thought about connecting concepts that will lead to students’ understanding of theme. I came up with the following:

Characterization Central Message Theme

Characterization is a perfect place to begin scaffolding the learning, as characters reveal theme through looks, speech, actions, thoughts, and/or relationships with others. First, I focus the students’ attention by engaging them with a simple video that provide practical examples and definitions for each indicator. It’s perfect, especially for students who need visual support.