Plan On It

"P is for Plan"

As you are thinking about how you are going to meet the demands of teaching and learning, let us think through some key routines and procedures that you are going to need to teach your students. First, you are probably going to have to teach classroom routines and procedures, as well as routines for remote/virtual learning for those who are implementing a hybrid model. So where to begin the planning process? I find that asking questions are a great way to drill down to the smallest detail of what you are trying to accomplish. Here are a few questions to ponder as you think through processes and procedures that your students need to be keenly aware of to make learning work within an evolving class culture.

  1. What are my expectations for students interacting and responding in the learning culture (online/virtually)?

  2. What lessons or learning experiences do I need to offer to enlist my students?

  3. What instructional materials are needed to facilitate tasks, lessons, activities (books, writing journals, articles)?

  4. What steps should I take to ensure students adhere to procedures and routines?

  5. What tools/incentives are available to assist me with managing and acknowledging their efforts?