Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m so thankful for the gift of motherhood. God has entrusted me with a cool kid who is nothing short of amazing! From the first time I saw his little face I was in awe of God's miracle before me. I was overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Uncertain of how to grow a tiny human and terrified of messing up, I relied on my instincts. With God‘s protection and my supportive husband, he turned out to be just fine. LOL! It certainly takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, I’m grateful for everyone who gave me motherly advice and poured into my son through out his formative years.

Twenty years later, there are new things I’m still discovering as a mother. As my son ventures into adulthood, we are developing a new relationship with each other from a distance. It was a challenge at first, somehow with time, I‘ve gotten use to it. When we are together, we both share in the comfort of being near each other. Everyday is Mother’s Day because I get to experience the joy and wonders of my big guy transforming into a caring and responsible young man. I pray God‘s continued blessings and favor over his life. I love him dearly!

Happy Mother‘s Day!

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