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Hello 50!

Living a Life That Honors God


"Hello 50! It is nice to finally meet you!"


I am honored to celebrate and embrace a new year full of excitement and anticipation of God's plans for my life. Becoming 50 brings with it a stronger conviction to stay grounded in my faith and experience the promises of God to the fullest. In this volatile world, it is important that my soul is anchored in the Lord. I am much more wiser. I am also stronger, physically mentally and emotionally. Not because of my lifelong accomplishments. It is certainly not because of my personality. It is because I am God's workmanship created beforehand for a purpose (KJV, Ephesians 2:10), and I am walking in it with a humble heart. With God all things are possible (KJV, Philippians 4:13).


What makes turning 50 such a delight is that God has partnered me with a dynamic husband who loves and honors me with his whole heart and soul. There is something about a strong confident man that has your back 110%, one who fuels all of your hopes and dreams. I am looking forward to new adventures with the love of life. Growing up together is the best gift a girl could have ever asked for. Growing old together is the ultimate gift God has given to us. Q’s generosity, no nonsense personality, humor, passion, protection and wisdom have sustained and comforted me. In addition, I have the mini version, our son Q, who embodies many of the qualities of his dad. The chip off the old block. My quiet storm. He too keeps me grounded. We cannot wait to see how God shows up and shows out in his life.