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Praises for Teach Like A Boss!

“In the pages of this book Dr. Martin delivers a wakeup call for educators to find their place in purpose. She accomplishes this by acknowledging the current reality of education, while also bringing attention to the great need for passionate and driven educators. She does not write with attempts to build a façade and to hide the many things that are going on, but she writes with a pen of transparency, understanding, boldness, passion, and a pen from the purity of her heart. Her pen speaks to the humanity of teaching as well as the hustle.”

P. Watson, Teacher

"Dr. Martin is taking the word of God, her faith, knowledge and positive attitude to lead teachers at a time when we most need it. Teach Like A Boss is inspirational, to say the least. Everywhere teachers go today, there is a negative undertone concerning education that can be disheartening. We need to be reminded and guided back to our “why” through the word of God. I love it!"

C. Cox, School Counselor

“The premise of Teach Like A Boss is empowering! I believe that educators will gain a sense of freedom and empowerment with Dr. Martin’s message. For those who are growing weary in well-doing, they will be encouraged through the reading of scriptures and reflecting on how to apply them to their lives.”

M. Taylor, Teacher

“Teach Like a Boss is an honest depiction of the struggles teachers face in the school setting. While editing Teach Like A Boss, I found myself reading and reflecting, and using Dr. Martin’s words to overcome challenges I encountered during the school year.”
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