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About The Journey

Dr. Sonia Martin is the proud owner of Love Loud Coaching and Consulting. Dr. Martin's passion for coaching began during her 25-year tenure as an educator and adjunct professor. As she helped guide and mentor individuals, Dr. Martin realized the significant impact coaching had on their lives. As a result, in January 2023 Love Loud Coaching and Consulting was conceptualized and developed into a viable coaching and consulting agency.

At Love Loud Coaching and Consulting, Dr. Martin and her team are dedicated to helping women and teens achieve transformational change. Through her coaching model, she focuses on uncovering the potential of her clients and helping them create a life filled with purpose and endless possibilities. Dr. Martin believes that with the right guidance and support, everyone is capable of reaching their highest potential. She is committed to providing clients with the best tools and resources needed to achieve success. 


Love Loud Coaching and Consulting is a highly sought-after agency for its innovative coaching style, techniques, and transformative results. It is a network of powerful and productive individuals who are equipped to change the world.



To inspire and empower clients to unlock their full potential to navigate personal and professional challenges, stimulate critical thinking to identify alternative solutions to adapt and overcome, and promote self-preservation to lead and serve well in their family structures, academic settings, careers, businesses, and communities.

Empower Your team

With Customized Workshops and Professional Development

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Teen Empowerment Coaching

Dr. Martin also has a mission to empower teen clients through character development opportunities to promote self-awareness and accountability.  The "Character Matters" Teen Empowerment Coaching Series for teens ages 13 and up is available. Dr. Martin provides coaching opportunities for teens to be true to themselves and reach their highest potential.

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