Love Notes

Love Notes

"Love Notes" is a delightful manuscript that leads readers on a spiritual journey that is designed to evoke thoughtful reflections about what it means to develop compassion and teach with purpose.  "Love Notes" was developed out a need to create an awareness within the education community about the importance of fostering students' interest to guide them on a path to find their purpose.  Educators will be inspired to demonstrate compassion and humility towards others to help make the world a better place.  Dr. Martin's message will also empower, uplift, and motivate readers to seek the highest version of themselves in an effort to gain fulfillment through  meaningful work, personally and professionally.  The meaningful work associated with being an educator is the critical need to instill positive beliefs and principles within children to reveal their greatness (gifts and talents) to create a moral shift in the world for the betterment of mankind.  Dr. Martin's manuscript adds value and helps educators rekindle their passion for teaching and learning, while living and teaching with purpose.  Want to be a part of a collective movement to raise the level consciousness within yourself and your students?  Join Dr. Martin and help spread a message of love and hope, by adopting beliefs and principles that will support you in reaching your destiny, while contributing to your students' purpose, character, and academic development. 


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