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What’s Your Mantra for 2023?

Get your bounce back!

Every year comes with lots of twists and turns that are challenging and can cause us to lose focus and momentum. Often, we have a great vision and mission, along with goals to combat distractions. But how will you manage your action plan when life takes control?

When training for a short-distance race, I created a playlist (via the Nike running app) with feel-good songs with various tempos to manage my pace and momentum. Although I kept a steady pace, my body became exhausted at the final mile. Instead of focusing on my pacing and finishing strong, I started doubting my training and ability to get to the finish line. To combat my fear of failing to finish the race, I relied on a unique feature, a reserved playlist that housed my power songs. They were songs that got me pumped up to run further and faster despite the struggle. I could feel inspiration through the lyrics and rhythm. With one click of a button, my entire outlook changed.

I love reflecting on my newest mantra for 2023, "The life you live is the worth you give." A mantra does precisely that- inspire. It is a meaningful word or phrase that gives you the boost you need to push through challenging situations when you feel like giving up. It adds breadth and depth to my focus. It sets me apart from my distractions and sparks a can-do attitude. Instead of wallowing in fear and doubt, I can ignore the noise and continue to pursue my goals and aspirations. Given the challenges in my professional and personal work, I revisit my mantra regularly to remain steadfast and committed to my purpose.

What's your mantra? What keeps you going when life gets in the way?

A Prayer for Today

Dear God,

Thank you, for giving me a voice to inspire my readers. As they embark on a new year, I ask that you provide them with the strength and perseverance they need to overcome obstacles. Place within their hearts a special word or phrase that will lead and guide them to pursue greater despite feeling overwhelmed. Please give them confidence in knowing that you have equipped them to pursue their hopes and dreams. Amen

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